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Specializing in industrial projects of every nature, AEI Electrical Inc. provides industrial electrical services that you can count on no matter what type of project you have. Our knowledgeable electricians have the ability to analyze your company’s industrial power needs and turn it into a reality that provides 100% operational success.

Their depth of experience enables them to perform electrical tasks in a wide range of industries, providing power that streamlines your daily operations and saves you energy. Their industrial background and electrical knowledge allows them to perform each task cost-effectively, while producing exceptional results.

We deliver dependable service that you can count on at a price that you can accept. Our qualified technicians provide service meeting the highest standards in electrical contracting, service, maintenance, and repairs. Contact us if you need electrical power distribution (panels and upgrades), data service (backup systems, patch panels, and protection), lighting (low voltage, exterior, interior, controls, and design), metering (sub or main service), wire harness service (custom made), or process equipment work (pressure, temperature, speed, conveyors, or proximity).

  • Gate entry and security systems
  • Electrical engineering
  • Setting/testing of electrical protective devices
  • Custom-designed systems for classified/hazardous locations
  • Control wiring and SCADA systems
  • Installation of power delivery equipment
  • Primary voltage distribution
  • High voltage testing, cabling, and termination
  • Custom-designed assembly lines
  • Custom-designed machinery
  • On-site troubleshooting for power failures
  • Equipment rewiring
  • Inspection and testing of specialized electrical equipment and stations
  • New construction, upgrades, repairs, and retrofits, including main service
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • NEC (National Electrical Code) violation corrections
  • Plant relocations
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Storm water pump stations
  • Surface water plants
  • Error proofing for existing electrical stations and equipment
  • Switchgear maintenance and testing
  • Surge suppression systems
  • Metering facilities
  • Energy audits and ARC flash analysis

If your industrial business relies heavily on the use of your facilities during the nighttime hours, the installation of a quality canopy lighting system can provide the safety and security that your employees need to complete their tasks without incident. Areas such as shipping and receiving docks often take heavy use, so proper lighting can make all the difference. If your industrial facility features round-the-clock operational procedures, please contact us to discuss the use of canopy lighting in the exterior areas of your facility.

New Canopy Light Installations and Retrofits
Our electricians have the training needed to identify the foot candle density your outdoor areas surrounding your building need. While you want the canopy lighting to be bright, you also want to avoid unnecessary glare. Ask our electricians about our glare-preventing options, including frosted lens covers. Installing the proper foot candle density can provide your facility with the illumination it needs without creating an intensity that makes it difficult to see. Our professionals install new canopy lights, while also repairing or retrofitting existing ones. Your place of business can arrange for regular maintenance checkups, or you can schedule them as needed.

Canopy Light Styles
Industrial businesses have numerous options for their lighting needs, including those styles that offer exceptional versatility and optimal performance. They include each of the following styles:

  • Compact fluorescent canopy lights
  • High pressure sodium fixtures
  • Incandescent canopy lights
  • Induction canopy lights
  • Incandescent canopy lights
  • LED canopy lights
  • Metal Halide fixtures

Features of Industrial-Grade Canopy Lights
Industrial-grade canopy lights offer strong construction, long-lasting lifespan, and exceptional durability. Some of the common features that these styles provide include:

  • Easy mounting
  • Welded corners for heat dissipation
  • Stainless steel fastenings
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Weather- resistant construction
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum construction
  • Abrasion-resistant construction
  • Insulated ballast
  • Full-gasket door frame
  • Hinged door for easy maintenance access
  • Prismatic lens with reflective internal surface
  • Wall-mount + surface-mount configuration
  • Secure gasket seal
  • Five-year warranty

For assistance in choosing your canopy lights, please contact AEI Electrical Construction today. Whether you are searching for the highest light output or the greatest level of savings, we can help you to find an energy-efficient lighting solution that delivers the illumination needed by your facility.

Extending the lifespan of your existing power circuits is essential to keeping your operating and overhead costs affordable. By applying retrofits to your existing equipment, our industrial electricians can extend the life of your obsolete circuits, providing better performance along with safer operational functionality.

Power Circuit Extensions and Retrofits
Replacing your existing low-voltage power circuit breaker with a new insulated-case design delivers the benefit of advanced electronics. It also provides greater interrupting duty. Our electricians perform all work associated with your retrofit in a minimal amount of time that limits your company’s downtime. Plus, they use your existing power circuit structure, thereby minimizing your cost.

If your system is experiencing nuisance trips and costly downtime, the AEI Electrical team can reduce both by retrofitting your existing power circuit breakers with solid-state trip devices. Upgrading your existing system can be accomplished with a minimal amount of time. Maintenance is streamlined with fewer incidences. Solid state trip device retrofits upgrade your existing technology in a manner that leads to increased functionality.

If desired, our electricians can also retrofit your power circuits with vacuum interrupters that enhance the lifespan of your motor starting applications. Replacing your outdated units with modern solid state trip devices delivers each of the following benefits:

  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced maintenance time and cost
  • Fewer nuisance trips
  • Enhanced functionality of older equipment
  • Advanced power management capability

It doesn’t matter how large or small your power circuit extension project is, our electricians are fully prepared to handle the task. Fully trained and certified, our technicians will provide the necessary upgrades to your existing equipment in order to deliver exceptional performance and safety. All electrical work is completed in full compliance with existing city, state, and federal codes and ordinances, ensuring that your system meets all requirements.

Power Circuit Extension Services
AEI electricians have the knowledge to perform the following tasks:

  • Replacement of obsolete equipment with a modern design
  • Upgrade for low voltage circuit breakers through solid state trip units or vacuum interrupters
  • Upgrade for medium voltage motor control through retrofitted equipment, including new contactor and cell structure or motor relay
  • Retrofitting with new components and protective devices
  • Matching switchgear lineup
  • Replacement of cast resin power transformers
  • Installation of a new breaker and cell

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